Get the Best Car Adapter for Your IPod

IPhone car integration, Ipod Car Adapter, audio streaming, MP3 car stereo audio without son, hands-free kits these solutions ensure your digital entertainment on the road. Caputer-shop Systems is supplier of leading multimedia solutions for automotive, dedicated to high-tech devices for high quality cars as well as for public transport vehicles.

Caputer-shop solutions allow you to connect electronic devices such as iPhone, iPod, USB or a Bluetooth phone with the original radio without changing the inside of the car or even listen to your favorite online radio stations on road.

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Audio systems with integrated Bluetooth can connect wirelessly with your Bluetooth phone, allowing you to take and make hands-free calls. Devices with Bluetooth A2DP (like most smart phones) can pay wireless music system, reducing the number of intermingled son. Systems with an Audi Usb port allows playback of music stored on flash memory keys and external hard drives. They also provide power and control your iPod or smartphone directly from the interface of your system. You will also find many audio systems offered with a self convenient remote.

For more information, visit Features and specifications may vary according to the application provider. Cellular data charges may apply. Android compatibility is ensured by the Pioneer models Bluetooth.